It’s all in the head!


2015 was an extreme year for me in terms of experiences. On one hand I had extremely good things happen, for example, writing a book and on the other hand I had extremely bad things happen, like my brother passing away. Through it all the one thing I recognized was the power of my mind. Despite extreme situations, my mind was able to adapt accordingly and my actions and reactions to each and every situation was controlled and moderated in a way I have not experienced before.

They say, “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince”. That is so very true. For all the excuses that we give, for all the bad habits we cannot seem to break, for all the laziness, for all the stress, our mind is responsible and a lot of convincing is required for it to change. If we train it, like we do our bodies, ensuring its exposure to good and positive thoughts and input , O what a wonderful life we all will live. 

My first column of the year for the newspaper, The Covai Mail, reflects these thoughts of mine.

Every action, every reaction, every emotion, every idea comes from the overflowing well, that is, our mind. It is no wonder then that having control over the mind has been deemed responsible for Holocaust survivors making it out of Nazi concentration camps, shaken but sane. The fake sense of urgency and desire that suicide bombers have in their need to blow themselves up and harm others around them for a cause has also been attributed to the power of the mind. It is all in the head.

We seldom understand this power that our mind has over us and yet both science and sense dictate that this indeed is true. This power can have either positive or negative impacts on our lives depending on how we choose to use it and what we expose it to.

Nowadays, with murders, rapes, natural disasters, and other crimes increasing in number, we are all so intent on protecting ourselves. Physically, we would do anything to protect our house using a state-of-the-art security system, we create disaster management plans for every possible disaster and we walk around with eyes at the back of our heads to ensure nothing untoward happens. But, what about our most vulnerable part? Our mind. What are we doing to protect it?

We consciously or unconsciously think all kinds of things and let our mind travel in all directions without once questioning how it affects us. As long as it remains in our minds we believe that it amounts to nothing. But, what we think is who we are. If we spend time doubting ourselves, our lives become a mess of self-doubt and fear. If we are surrounded by affirming individuals, we think about what they say and find confidence in our lives.

Positive inputs equals positive outputs. Negative inputs equals negative outputs. It’s not rocket science.

“Your mind is the place where battles are fought”, my brother, Jethro, once expressed and if only we notice these battles that take place in our minds every day and ensure that good principles, good values, good intentions and good sense wins, our lives would be so much easier. When those battles are won, every time we are out in the world, good is what we’ll think about and good is what we’ll do. So, what are you thinking about today?

-Rhoda Daniel


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