The alarm sounds…


Many success stories start at the very same place-rock bottom. It is in that dark and scary place, where everything seems to have been lost, that people find themselves and understand what matters or should matter to them the most. Rock bottom has been garlanded with accolades for turning depressed closet writers into bestselling authors and jail bound criminals into model citizens. Once you get there all you know is that you need to go up and therein lies the beauty of rock bottom.

However, the sad part is, most of the time people have no idea how they ended up there in the first place. Drug addicts who overdose swear that things were always in control. Alcoholics vow that they only ever drank socially. Even people in broken marriages vehemently state that until the day the wife moved out, everything was alright. The road towards rock bottom is filled with people oblivious to their destination just like a child in the back seat of a car, taking in the sights, but unaware of where she is headed.

But, at times like these, alarms do often ring in our lives giving us a sign of where we are going. Sometimes it is a mild ringing like the pain in our knees signaling an unhealthy lifestyle. On other occasions it is a loud clanging like our credit card being declined signaling failing finances. These alarms do ring, in one way or the other, to warn us, to remind us and to guide us.

Oftentimes, in our loud chaotic world, we only hear the loud clanging and by then it is mostly too late to stop and we careen, as if without breaks, towards our destruction, towards rock bottom. Once there, we dust ourselves off, take time and let our wounds heal and rise up, telling ourselves that we needed this. But, do we really?

The whole point of rock bottom is for us to stop and realize how off course our lives really were. It is at this point where we are forced to look at where we stand and put ourselves on the right path and move forward again. How much easier would it be if we heard the alarms every time we derailed and immediately straightened our path? Wouldn’t it be easier to fulfill our destiny if we wasted less time getting lost and more time walking towards our destination?

Rock bottom has become a crutch of sorts for those of us who do not want to constantly pay attention to our lives. We do what we want to do until we get hurt. If we get hurt, if we hit rock bottom, only then we decide to make some changes. Only then do we rise up. But, you don’t have to hit rock bottom to rise up again. You might not even make it once you get there. Not everybody does. But instead, you can wake up now. You can come to your senses today. The alarm does sound. Are you listening?



2 thoughts on “The alarm sounds…

  1. positivepluto says:

    Aptly put. It’s almost always a major jolt that wakes us up from our false sense of normalcy. And as you said, by that time it’s too late. Not everyone can come out of rock bottom because it’s a dark grim place! There’s a concept I’d read about in an article about cognitive biases that humans have. It’s not exactly related but these cognitive biases could put us at rock-bottom! Do Google it.
    It’s beautifully explained Rhoda! 🙂 the expression of your thoughts and ideas is near flawless as always. Great going! :*

    • rhodadaniel says:

      I just googled cognitive biases. Didn’t know they had a word for deviating from the norm of rationality.I’ll definitely need to read up more on the subject. Thanks for recommending it and thanks for the kind words as well. 🙂

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