My rant against mediocrity…


Beyond the cage of mediocrity there is light.

Every day I feel as if I am locked in a room filling slowly with water, trapped with a bunch of others who do not seem to care that they are stuck too and will probably drown unless something changes. I am struggling to find a way out but some of my well-meaning comrades are too busy enjoying the gentle lapping of the water against their feet to join me in my quest. As I try to scale the wall of the room to find a way out, I find them tugging at my feet begging me not to spoil the fun. What fun is it, I wonder, when you know that the present reality is short-lived and soon the water will cross levels that could only be fatal?

I feel lost and vulnerable and angry and frustrated all at the same time as I find myself stuck in a room filled with people who just do not care. But, most of all, more than anything else, I am filled with sadness as I look around and wonder, just wonder, what could have been if only they had cared.

In a world that is basically imploding, many go through life not caring. They do not care about the work that they are paid to do or even the work they themselves take up. They do not care about the reality of the environment they live in or the need of the world at large. Passion and drive are words that make sense only to a few and the others would rather chill out at home and do nothing anyway.

The grasping of any little pleasure from the nearest source and the constant quest for serving the self has condemned a large portion of humanity to remain half-hearted forever. They have lost out on the thrill that comes with immersing oneself completely in life, the satisfaction that follows a well thought out decision and the exhilaration of mountaintop experiences that often dot the lives of the ones who strive for more.

Abraham Maslow, an American Psychologist, once deduced that only one in a hundred people would be able to move past basic existence and enter the transcendent world of being self-actualized. Only one in a hundred would explore the world of possibilities within themselves. Only one in a hundred would reach their fullest potential.

There is still a chance to be that one in a hundred but the choice must be made, and the effort must be taken. The benefits of that choice are evident but it is our mind itself that we have to convince.

Umair Haque, a management thinker, very aptly explains, “You’ll never find the rapture of accomplishment in mere conquest, the incandescence of happiness in mere possession, or the searing wholeness of meaning in mere desire. You can find them only — only — in the exploration of the fullness of human possibility”.


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