Be a woman! Be different!


My mom won the Iconic Women’s Achievers Award on Women’s Day this year. She has always led by example and that is the beauty of who she is. Her life has been and continues to be a model for me and it was her thoughts that she put down on the occasion of Women’s Day that I wish to share with you today.

In a world struggling, striving and competing to be like others, both men and women, she draws attention to the need to celebrate our differences as women and to hold on to those qualities that are our essence. ‘Be a woman! Be different!’, she says and I, for one, would love to follow the advice of a woman who is so self assured in her identity as a woman and who can manage her house and manage her Company finances with equal aplomb.

Be a woman! Be different!

By Lata Daniel

What sets us apart as a woman from the men in the world? Is it just the demeanor, is it the beauty, is it the grace, is it the charm or is it just the emotion? I would think that apart from these there is the capacity to love and give unconditional love at that, the capacity to endure pain( ask any mother!!) and even suffering and not to mention the child like trust we have. Do we seem to have lost these somewhere along the way in proving to others that we have equal rights with men and also that we are as capable as men? There is no doubt that we are strong and are capable but we need to rediscover ourselves.

We were created to compliment men, not substitute them. God created man and woman with complementary skills sets to be together. They then together bring harmony and build strong and contributive families. Harmonious families then in turn build a strong and a contributive society and a harmonious society builds a strong and a contributive nation.

Let us not lose our uniqueness as the heart of the home, the heart of the business or the heart of any enterprise. We are all created for a purpose. Some are called to be homemakers, some teachers, some doctors, some heads of businesses, some finance professionals or some to be architects, the list is endless… but in each of our professional capacities we still have our uniqueness as a woman.

In the quest to make a mark in the so called men’s world, let us not lose our savor, our uniqueness, our capacities to love, care and be compassionate. Let us be a woman, let us be different!!


One thought on “Be a woman! Be different!

  1. Mani and Pansy says:

    Congratulations Lata as Parents we are proud of you for this Award. Thanks for Rhoda nicely sharing this.
    Daddy and Mummy

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