I have the heart of a gypsy

Gypsy: A member of a group of travelling people; a nomadic or free-spirited person

Freedom does not need to be based on circumstances. A person in prison can be free as a bird if he lets his mind soar and a person physically free can have a locked up, narrow-minded mind. Freedom is a sense that comes from the mind and the heart. It is a choice made. It is a life chosen.

Today, in a word where travel has reached must-need status and is at the top of everyone’s bucket list, I have found that everyone seeks after the life of a gypsy, wanting to experience life in different places, meet people in different countries and cities, and experience life. But, the life of a gypsy is so much more than just travel.

We want to travel, but we still want to settle down in one city or place for the rest of our lives. We want to experience life but only in other countries with a completely new set of people. We want to gain new perspective, but only once or twice a year, we want to be a gypsy, a nomad, a traveller but we do not have any idea of what such a lifestyle actually entails.

A gypsy is free from societal milestones, always moving forward without planting roots in just one place, moving from one life experience to another, learning, practicing and then just letting go.  Does that sound anything like our lives?

Wherever we are, do we experience all we can? Do we resist changes to our lives or go with the flow? Do we let go of what we have outgrown? Do we enjoy our everyday life rather than wait for the holidays? Do we?

I am learning to learn from the everyday, the seemingly mundane and make the most of the normal and the abnormal that is a part of my life. I am learning to accept change that takes place at a landslide pace, embracing it like a long lost friend, ready to go wherever life takes me. I am learning to let go of what I think my life should be like and thrive in whatever life throws my way.  I am learning from all the people I meet, regardless of their background and experience.

I have refused to let my circumstances shackle me and instead I have learnt to be freer, more carefree and happier than I have ever been in life. My life, my experiences and my contributions to life have been amazing events to go through and I have grown at a great pace. I am free. I am enjoying life. I am passionate about living. I am alive.  I have the heart of a gypsy and because of that my life is beautiful. Every. Single. Day.

After all, that is what the life of a gypsy is all about.



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