The ‘what I learnt this month’ series

I learn about a million things every month. Many of them are insightful lessons that open my eyes to new thoughts, ideas and behaviours. Many of them are new ways of life, innovations that can change life completely or at least make it better in some small way. Many of them are lessons that I wish someone would have shared with me earlier and many of them I get to learn from people who are wiser than me, situations that challenge me and of course, trial and error.

So, to pay it forward, I have decided to put down the most life-enhancing of these lessons every month and post it on this blog because that is what this blog is all about anyway.

I started this blog to share my life experiences and learning. But, life is often busy and takes away from my writing time. So, quite honestly, this has the dual benefit of forcing me to post at least once a month.

Look forward to a ‘what I learnt this month’ post on the last day of every month starting with August for the next 12 months and if even one of you learns even one small teeny tiny thing, it will have fulfilled its purpose.


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