What I learnt this month: August 2016



This month has been a lot about pushing limits. I learnt that the ideal version of the self is not only a distant dream but can be achieved, within reason, with stretching. So as I pushed myself and tried to finish all that I had set to do, I learnt. And as I learnt, I now share.

1. Eulogy virtues trump resume virtues any day.

This month I thought about the question- What do you want people to say about you when you die? Do you want to be remembered as compassionate or rich? The former is a eulogy virtue, the latter a resume one. There’s nothing wrong with having resume virtues, as our world is often quick to remind us. What we put on our resumes does matter but who we are matters more. It is in moments of extreme emotions that our eulogy virtues come out into the light. Graciousness in times of irritation, love in times of anger, strength in times of weakness, and joy in times of sorrow are all examples of eulogy virtues coming to life in our lives and these are what matter at the end of the day. These are what see us through life, triumphantly. I now frequently ask myself the question- what virtues do I give priority to?

2. The Golden Circle framework can change the entire face of small talk.

Haven’t heard about the Golden Circle Framework? Neither had I, until this month. I read about it in a book called the Introvert Entrepreneur and it made me see small talk in a different light. This framework, applicable to understanding people and the reasons they buy into a company, can also be used to manoeuvre through dreaded and dreary small talk. Instead of starting with the ‘what’, the book said, start with the ‘why’. Ask people why they do what they do and you will see their eyes light up trying to explain their passion and drive. Then move on to how they do what they want to achieve and then, if needed, you can ask about what they actually do, but you might not even need that information anymore. People do what they do with a long term goal in mind or a heart that breaks for certain issues or a creative vacuum that they wish to fill. Find that, by asking the ‘why’ and small talk turns into a deep meaningful conversation. Isn’t that great?


3. Discipline is freeing.

This month I tried to be disciplined, extremely disciplined, in certain areas of my life like eating on time, being active daily, eating healthy, submitting my articles before the deadline, finishing projects quicker than before,, doing the laundry before it grows into a big pile and so on. And though it has been hard, I have found the time and energy to do so many other things like counselling a friend or having some ‘me’ time at a local café or reading an entire book in one sitting. I got to do things that were spontaneous just because I knew the basics were taken care of. As is said, empty your cup to fill it up. Discipline is an emptying of goals, desires, regrets and guilt because if you do what you say you have to do, there is nothing else on your mind and you can focus on what’s next and filling up my mind with creativity and innovation was what made my month worth it.
There were, obviously, so many other things that I could write about but these three stick out as life changing, in one small way or the other. So, I hope these bring some life changing insights into your life as well. I now look forward to this new month, hoping to learn something new and share it with you soon.


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