What I learnt this month: September 2016

At the end of the day

September just flew by and I can’t believe it’s the next month already. Most of this month went by trying to get a handle on so many things that I ended last month and started this month so very tired but filled with so much gratitude for what I get to experience.

What I learnt last month has a lot to do with being busy and productive and I think it is apt because as we near the end of 2016, somehow, life keeps getting busier. Whether we are trying to overcompensate for wasting the first few months of the year or just trying to reach every goal possible, I do not know, but, I do know that everyone around me seems busy and I hope what I learnt would help you in some way or the other.

1.Ride the waves:–  Try to stop waves of anything, and the consequences are detrimental. In the case of natural water waves, the detrimental effects were clearly evident by the tsunami our man-made blocks caused in 2004. A mother going into labour who sees her contractions as waves also says the same thing- giving into them rather than trying to stop them is the less painful option. And so it can be said about whatever comes our way. Sometimes we have nothing much on our plate, so we are good. We are happy, sometimes bored, but we cruise around at a comfortable pace and life seems good.

But, sometimes things are different. Sometimes our plates are heaped up with food, our stomachs are too full and our refrigerators are overflowing and we do not know what to do. Life keeps sending too much our way and we feel as if we are drowning in the process. My advice. Ride the waves just like surfers do. Don’t resist and give in to whatever comes your way.

Do whatever needs to be done that day and then get up the next day and do the same thing over again. Push yourself to keep doing it and of course at some point as you ride the wave with finesse, you will begin to enjoy it.

2. Say yes:– I know the many benefits of learning to say no, as we all have read about in many management and self-help books, but, I also have experienced the numerous benefits of saying yes. Say yes to the opportunities that come your way especially if you are trying to find out what you want to do in this world, trying to explore the world around you or just trying to learn as much as you can. You never know what you can learn from that opportunity. There is nothing too big or too small for anyone. Experience is experience. Learning is learning. And an opportunity is an opportunity. Period.

Our minds are too small to comprehend what turns our lives can take or what we can absorb from any given experience. We try to work it out in our heads before saying yes but we just can’t and most often we overthink and miss out.

At our age (for us twenty-somethings out there), we don’t have much to lose. We can move anywhere. We can work as hard as we want. We can take on as much as we desire. We can do. We can create. We can put our hearts and souls into anything and everything without anything holding us back. We just need to say yes.

3. Recharge:– I, for one, have fallen prey to ill-heath both physically and mentally because I have forgotten or not had the time to recharge. Now I know most of us do not have the privilege of frequent long holidays or an in-house spa that can help us recharge often. But, we do have other small but fairly significant things that we can do to recharge ourselves on a daily basis.

It can be anything from having a cup of tea when you wake up or reading a book before going to bed. It can be spending some time every evening being thankful for things that happened during the day or having a heart to heart with mom. It can be writing or it can be yoga.

I, personally, have found that although I loathe the process of running, it has a somewhat calming effect on my mind and of course the physical health benefits are undeniable. On the days I run and the day after, I feel calmer and more at peace than on other days. Though a lot can be attributed to the endorphins released in the process, I also realized that I can never think anything negative while running. So, I can’t think about my never ending to-do list or feel guilty about something I haven’t completed or feel frustrated that I have too much to do. Running has therefore become my recharge potion and I try to do it religiously every single day (the key word here being try).

So, find what recharges your mind and your body and do it. We will never ever stop being busy. Things will come and go and we will have to keep at it, and it is better to take care of ourselves in the process rather than have your mind or your body burn out and force you to take a break.

So hope you have a fruitful October riding the waves like a pro and not being afraid to say yes to all the wonderful opportunities that are sure to come your way and as you fall asleep each night I hope you are satisfied with yourself and the life you are living and are content in the fact that you have a very valid reason to rest your weary self. That, my friends, is what a good life feels like.


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