What I learnt this month: October 2016

November’s here!! Fortunately or unfortunately, the days and months are just rolling by and there’s just 2 more months to go in the year 2016. I am actually pretty psyched about the end of the year because there is a lot going on in my life in these 2 months and I can’t wait for the end of the year to look back at this last year and get ready to slay the next.

But, let’s get back to October.  A lot happened, and these are the highlights of what I learnt.

  1. Energy matters:-To manage everything that is going on in your life, what is the one thing needed that you cannot live without? It’s energy. Running out of energy is the worst part of my day. There is always so much more to do and it bothers me more than running out of time does. It feels like I should be able to have control over my energy levels. It’s quite a common problem and I learnt this last month to do things that made sure my energy levels stayed high. It might be different for different people but the basics always apply. Be active. Eat healthy. Set regular sleeping patterns. Take health supplements. Do whatever it takes to keep your energy up and paint the world with your life because energy definitely should not be the one thing holding you back.
  1. Cross that finish line: – I’ve experienced the positive vibes that comes with crossing the finish line earlier but I’ve never been as intentional about making myself get there as I am now. I’ve realized that my mind gets amazingly blown away every single time I finish something that I have started. Whether long marathons or small sprints, anything that needs to get done which gets done just changes my life in a huge way. It’s a very obvious piece of advice, probably common sense, but it’s said that 70% of people give up on what they started, and I’m inclined to believe these stats . People do have a tendency to give up when things get hard or sometimes for no reason at all other than boredom. But, if you have ever experienced that end of the show high, you will agree that it’s the best thing ever. Your mind clears up, your burden feels lighter, life is good and you are ready to move on to the next great thing. Who doesn’t want that? Conversely, lagging behind on your to-do list can make you feel sick to your stomach, depressed or just plain worthless. Who would want that?
  1. Set higher standards: – We are bombarded every second with other people’s reality and standards that often our standards are a mere copy-paste of what others believe. I’ve caught myself a few times when I have decided in my mind that this is all I can do and I’ve had to ask the question, “Says who?” and more often than not, the answer is other people. They might not have directly told me what I should or should not do but their actions or beliefs have caught up with me and made its way into my life. The hours I sleep, the amount of work I do, the quality of my work, my contributions to people, my social life, my daily routine, the way I talk, the way I dress and many more of my life choices have come under the scrutiny of the societal standards spectacles that I have worn at one point or the other. It is entirely my fault and I have ensured that I change that about myself, holding myself to a higher standard, because I want a different life. If you want to be a champion chess player, you do what a champion chess player does. If you want to be Olympic gold medalist, you do what an Olympic gold medalist would do. If you want to be a better version of you, you do what you think you should do. Set standards that you really value and live your life kingsize.




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