Things to do before the 31st

I’m all about deadlines. Though they are tedious and pressure-filled I have always found them to push me to be better and I try to cherish them before they arrive and am always thankful for them after they do. The 31st of December 2016 is one such deadline that I have been looking forward to. Instead of thinking what I plan to do from the 1st of January, I’ve been thinking about what I need to do before the 31st.  My list of what needs to get done before the 31st is long and still growing  and its the 30th already. But, I thought I would share with you some of the important things that you could do before the 31st of December that will lighten your heart and raise your spirits before the end of this year. 


P.S. These are tried and tested (by me).

So, here it is:-

1.  Before the 31st let go of all the excuses that were holding you back this year. The tiredness, the lack of time, the competing priorities, the distractions or even the plain laziness that caused you not to break through barriers needs to be left behind in the old year. Excuses don’t own you so don’t let them.

2. Before the 31st be thankful for the experiences, both good and bad, that you’ve had this year.  These experiences have made you grow – grow stronger, grow wiser, grow smarter, or just grow up. These experiences are now a part of who you are and a very important part of who you will become. Cherish them. Ponder over them. And learn from them.

3. Before the 31st eradicate the negative from your life. Negative thoughts, negative people, negative anything that is holding you back without you knowing. Your mind is a powerful thing and it takes in everything. That’s good when there is greatness and good around you but when there’s negativity, that’s the undoing of many.  So be done with negativity before the end of this year.

4. Before the 31st forgive yourself. You might have made some mistakes, you’ve suffered the consequences, you’ve made things right with the ones you’ve wronged and probably with God too. But, you still might feel guilty and that in itself stops you from moving forward. Erase the slate, start afresh and wait for the magic to emerge from the space that was once occupied by guilt.

5.  Before the 31st learn to be happy with who you are and what you have. The new year will not necessarily  change anything. It’s just a new date. But, you can change your outlook on life and accept where you are at right now. You will never ever get to experience what you are experiencing today again. The people who you spend time with, the place you live in,  the thoughts you have , they will never be the same. Savour them. Accept them. Make the most of them.

I hope these 5 short and sweet tips would enable you to end the year 2016 in a good place because no matter how the year was, you can choose how it ends.

I also hope this list would have triggered more ideas of how to make the end of 2016 even better. Let me know what you are planning to do before the 31st in the comments below.
Happy year end everyone!!


2 thoughts on “Things to do before the 31st

  1. Pravin_Art'Holic says:

    Hi I just read your post the post was really awesome I like all the above 5 tips and the tips was very useful for me to leave some things in my life before this 31st. laziness is the one big thing which distracts me greatly so I have decided to leave this lazines and a the lot more similar things before 31St.

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