What I learnt this month: January 2017

And it is that time of the month again where I share a quick snapshot of my month. January being the first month of the year, motivation was at its all-time high, and I had been hoping right at the very start that the returns would be proportionately high as well and to an extent they were. And to top it all off, I learnt quite a  few new things.

What I learnt this month-

1.Don’t let the day run you:- There were times this month when I ran the day, knowing exactly what my day entailed and not getting derailed by unexpected events but there were other days when the day ran me and I ran from pillar to post just trying to deal with everything such as emails, urgent requests, papers that landed on my table, and pending tasks that caught up with me and by the end of the day I realized I had done absolutely nothing and still felt tired. So, I made a conscious choice to not let the day get the better of me and ensure that I was firstly, setting the agenda for the day and secondly, reacting to unforeseen events with the right attitude. I therefore tried to plan the priorities of my days beforehand, at least a day in advance, to know what my main jobs to complete were that day. That definitely made me feel in control and made me more focused. But, regardless of that, I knew and everyone else knows too that you can’t always have a perfect day and I did have days when there were sudden disruptions but I was ready for them and I tried to assess their importance. Did these papers need to be cleared immediately? Did I have to return this phone call? Did I have to finish this task today? I assessed and made my decisions and in the process learnt how to run my day. Best decision I have ever made.

2. Mondays are the absolute best:- Monday is the best day of the week. I know many of us hate Mondays but, I have grown to love them and last month I savored them a lot. Let me give you my list of reasons why Mondays are the best. I always wake up on Monday feeling well rested and energetic because I always try to sleep in on the weekends. I also have a better idea of what I have to achieve that week because I have spent some time over the weekend looking ahead at the week. I am always more motivated on Mondays to rush through my to-do list because I have had a rest during the weekend. My Mondays are my clean slate and who doesn’t love a fresh start and last but not the least, I have found that my Mondays reflect how the rest of the week turns out. If I have had a productive Monday, I usually have a productive week. So, my advice is to start things right and have a fabulous Monday every single week. It’s like starting a new year every week. Oh what a privilege we have!

3.Not procrastinating reduces stress:- I have, unfortunately, always been a last minute person. I work well under the pressure of fast approaching deadlines but I have also realized last month that some things that can be done in the moment should be done. I’ve had good consequences of doing things that same day- the most important one being less stress. I am not a person who ever gets stressed out but what I mean by less stress is just not having to rush through things last minute and not worrying about whether I can reach a deadline. I have felt much lighter since. Whether it is doing my laundry or sorting my kitchen or finishing some last piece of work, I have tried to see if I could fit it in before I’ve gone to bed and if I do, I have always gotten up feeling so much better knowing that I have one less thing to do.  It’s a piece of my own advice that I try taking every single day. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But, I have never regretted ever following it.

Life thrives when you make great choices.

Life thrives and overflows with abundance when you make great choices. So, why wait?






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