Perfecting the art of moving AKA the art of letting go



I have moved house over 6 times in my life. But, it is during the last home shift and the current one underway where I have done it on my own and I can confidently say that with anything that one does on ones own, I have picked up on quite a few tips for the actual moving process. Above that, I have mostly perfected, in my opinion, the art of letting go because that is what moving house is all about.

The list that follows applies to moving house, city , country but it also applies to life and letting go of past circumstances both good and bad, bad habits, toxic relationships and anything that would be better off behind you and that hinders you from moving on to a better and newer you.

1. Do away with the old

I’ve become such a pro at getting rid of stuff when I’m moving that I find it the best part about moving. The first thing I did when I heard I was moving was to start discarding the things I wouldn’t need in the new place. I started making piles of old things that wouldn’t fit in to the new house, things that I didn’t need anymore, and things that had become too old to use. Clothes, storage boxes, shoes, magazines all found a place either in he dustbin or the charity pile. I knew what I wanted my new place to look like and I was ruthless in the process of discarding anything that wasn’t a part of it. A new phase in life is pretty similar. Some things would fit into your old life easily but in your new life would be an ugly reminder of the past rather than a beautiful addition. So, discard, discard,discard. Be strong and ruthless. Do away with the old to make way for the new.

2. Hold on to what is near and dear

Regardless of how much you get rid off, some things are meant to be preserved. I have preserved journals, special birthday cards, pictures and small knick knacks that have meant something to me and remind me of a special moment, event or person. No matter where I am in life I can always remind myself of the different phases that have made me who I am by looking at what I chose to keep. Letting go of things that hold you back or don’t fit in to your present doesn’t include people or things that are an important and make up an integral part of who you are. Hold on to your passions, to your support system and to your core values so that no matter where you are, you are always grounded.

3. Reassess

A clean new slate in the offing is always the best time to reassess. While cleaning out my cupboards I found multiple sets of oil paints that I had bought at different stages of my life to paint in my spare time. I had used each set of those paints exactly once each. Even though I found and still find painting relaxing, I had to reassess whether I would really use those paints because of the nature of my life at the moment and the near future. There are always some things that seem right at times like the time you get up or the kind of food you eat but any kind of change means it might be better to let go of what your normal is and give in to the new normal. Reassess what your normal is and what needs to change giving the new circumstances. This is the best time to attempt this.

4. Prepare yourself

Moving to a new house I have a lot to prepare myself for. I have to figure out how to live with my parents after 8 odd years living away from home. I have to figure out where I can go for a run. I have to figure out how long it takes to get to work. I have to prepare myself for hundreds of different things and I have to do it all before I actually move otherwise I will find myself in the midst of utter chaos. Preparation for everything whether it is physical or just mental is a must to avoid confusion during the actual event and to smooth the transition. Change is hard enough as it is. The transition should make it easier not harder so take the time to think about what will change and how you are ready for it. Take this time and you will thank me later.

5. Don’t look back

There has always been something great about each place I’ve lived in and though I’ve often wished I could go back, I’ve realised that making a clean break is the best way to go. One house of mine had my closest friends living close by, another had a brilliant view, one had a lovely kitchen and another had great weather always and so on and so forth the list goes on. Though this is the part I am worst at I try my best not to look back once I am out the door. It is much harder when longing and missing become a part of the equation of leaving. It is much better to be mindful of the present and enjoy the moment.

Whether you are moving home or in the process of letting go, I hope these tips help you enjoy the process rather than dread it.


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