Consilium et animus: Wisdom & Courage – To chase the butterflies

We spend our lives avoiding change as much as we can because of the work it takes to adjust to anything new. We stay in the same places, we stick to the same group of friends, we order the same dish off the menu, we play the same sports, we watch the same kind of movies, we pursue the same hobbies. We like our comfort and rarely put ourselves in a place of discomfort, at least not on purpose.

But, look back at a time when you did experience some kind of change, be it a new job position or a new neighbourhood. Look back at a time when you were probably forced to go through something that was so out of your comfort zone that it made you want to barf at the time just thinking about it. Are you there yet?

Now think about the times when you have felt the proudest, the times when you felt you achieved something and were greatly pleased with what you had accomplished. Think about the times when you were happy, exhilarated, and excited about life.

Take these two list of memories and compare them and you will find that more often than not, the two will overlap. That new job you took up that made you so anxious was also the place where you slayed at what you did. The new group of people you were scared to talk to became your lifelong mentors. The trip that you were not sure about taking became the trip where you discovered your passion in life.

Change and greatness are often synonymous because we rarely realize what we are capable of doing because we do not try it in the first place.

So, look for new things, crave new adventures, look forward to that sinking feeling and chase the butterflies because there is greatness lurking around the corner every time you feel anxious or nervous or overwhelmed. There is a new wall you are going to be able to scale and a new mountain experience in the works every time you get out of your comfort zone. Actively search out those things that push you out of your area of comfort. Challenge yourself, stretch yourself  and every time you feel those butterflies fluttering in your stomach, know that you are on the right track.


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