With great power comes great responsibility

My question of the day is- Are you powerful? In your understanding of the word ‘power’, do you think you have it?

I do not know your answer. Neither do I know your reality. But, I know one thing and that is if you are reading this article in English, online, on a desktop/laptop/tab/mobile device of some kind sitting in a home, in an office or in a vehicle, you have power.

Power, to many of us, lies in the hands of a few. But, does ONLY a politician hold power? Does ONLY a rich person hold power? Does ONLY a policeman hold power? Does ONLY a businessman hold power?

Of course not.

They do have power and that truth is undeniable. But, it is not ONLY in their hands. It is in ours too.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’, Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker when I was a little girl watching Spiderman for the very first time and I remember at that time agreeing with the statement. Did I think I had great power then? Probably not. Do I think I have great power now? Yes. I do.

Being educated is a power. Speaking 3 different languages is a power. Having a secure job is a power. Being able to meet and connect with different people whether online or in person is a power. Being able to access the internet is a power. Having a mobile phone, a tab and a laptop that is portable is a power. Having a mobile data plan that transcends all state lines is a power. Being able to afford books is a power. And I could go on and on.

We are all powerful. We just need to own.

I hope that we own it by using our power rather than cowering under fear and giving up on what we can do. I hope we use our social media to build people up rather than pull them down regardless of their beliefs. I hope we use our brains to come up with innovative ideas to make people’s lives easier. I hope we meet with people to connect rather than to compete. I hope we use our words to heal and not to destroy.

I hope that we see it as our responsibility to make the most of our power. I hope we lead thought, changing the way it has always been. I hope we lead revolutions, revolutions to change the messy reality to a beautiful ideal. I hope we lead in everything that we do, because somebody has to.

Everything that you have around you, the phone, the computer, the keys, the notebook or even the stapler is a tool that gives you power, a power to do something. It is high time we start looking around us and seeing whether we are using every single thing that we have for the world.

Because with great power comes great responsibility.






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