Consilium et animus: Wisdom & courage – To take the first step

Taking the first step is the scariest, most heart racing thing that you can ever think of doing. Whether it is as big a step as asking someone to marry you or as small as introducing yourself to a new person, the first step and the feelings that preempt us from taking it are massively strong and we often give up right then and there.

The fear of failure, the fear of public opinion, the fear of imperfections, the fear of everything under the sun stops us from taking that first step that unfortunately is a part of every success that has ever happened on the face of the earth. Scientists and their innovations, teachers and their lessons, award winners and their achievements, sociologists and their theories ,have all sprung from that very first step taken.

You and me, we have had numerous moments in our lives where the first step taken has changed our lives. But, despite knowing this, we are still vary about the adverse consequences of our first steps because it makes us feel vulnerable and naked and that is something we would much rather avoid.

Despite all our insecurities, I am sure that there must, most definitely be some dream, idea or wish tucked away under your numerous I can’ts  or some other time’s that you have hidden away for many years or months or even days. There might be some brilliant revelations during the night that faded away under the glare of the morning light and your own scrutiny. There must be some thoughts that you put on the back burner because someone else told you it was not the right time. There must be some new ways of doing things that you feel the world is not ready for.

Let me tell you, if you feel that it is the right thing to do, if you feel that now is the right time, if you feel that doing this would change the course of your life or even the life of others, do it. Don’t second guess yourself and let others decide for you. Do it because it may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Do it because it may be the best thing that could ever happen to the world.  Do it because it may touch the life of just one person. Do it because it may touch the lives of many. Do it because you never know what will become of it. Do it because you have nothing to lose.


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