Consilium et animus: Wisdom & Courage – To dive into the depths

Life in the shallows is easy, comfortable and a place where most of us tend to clamour to, dipping our toes and then if we are sure, our feet. We enjoy the swirling water that wraps around our feet without getting our whole body wet and think we have the best of both worlds, all the satisfaction without the risk.

But, ask any person who has been underwater and they will tell you that standing at the edge of the water is NOTHING compared to the satisfaction that comes with taking the risk and diving in.

How many times have we, in fear, failed to go into the depths? There have been times when we have feared knowledge, fearing consistent action, feared hard work, feared new experiences and feared whatever life offers us because we have been too comfortable in the shallows amongst what we know and are used to?

In the attempt to save our lives we are missing out on the essence of life itself.

The beauty that we can see when we create something, the satisfaction that comes with a job well done even if it is the middle of the night, the inner peace that we experience when we are doing what we love regardless of how tired are bodies are, are all the benefits of diving into the depths of whatever we do which includes gaining expertise in our field of choice, constant engagement and effort, being proactive in our approaches and passionately putting in all we have.

The sense of purpose, calling and unity with life that is evident when we trample over our fears and get involved in whatever we are offered so that we can offer ourselves to the world is only a possibility if we forget our fears, forget our preconceived notions, forget our desires, forget ourselves and give in to the numerous possibilities that depth provides us with.



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