We need to move to shake the world

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking. (Photo by Julian Wasser//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but by all means keep moving.”

These words spoken by the most eloquent Martin Luther King Jr is as relevant now as it was those many years ago because today we stand at the cusp of massive change. For years we have been watching and waiting, letting the events of the world swirl around us, reading about it in the papers, watching it crystallize on the television and talking about in our homes. But, today we stand at a place where the balance of good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice, freedom and captivity is so precariously placed that we have 2 very evident choices of what we can do. We can just watch with bated breath as to which way the tables will turn or we can do something to tip the balance in favour of humanity.

One of the first developmental markers of a baby is crawling. A baby begins crawling and begins to explore his nearby surroundings. Feeling his way around he tries to familiarize himself with the floor, the toys, the cupboards and whatever his little hands can hold within the distance his little knees can take him. If we believe we cannot do anything for our world, we just need to begin to crawl. We need to explore what is happening around us. We need to read about it, research it, and learn as much as we can about what is happening in our world and more importantly, why. Dig into the past because as they say history repeats itself, be aware of the present and try to predict the future as you feel your way around new issues, new thoughts and new realities. That’s the least we could do.

The next step is walking. Here the baby holds on to something, pulls himself up and soon begins taking those steps. Once we are aware of what is going on, we should rise to the stature we were created for. We need to stand up, knowing that there is a destination that needs to be figured out, a life that is uniquely ours and a contribution that only we can make. Start walking and stand up for what you believe in whether it is only in your family or friends circle, at first. We should start conversations, lead thought, guide misguided ideology and immerse ourselves in the community and its problems. If we have a heart for children, we should spend time with them. If we are writers, we should write. If we are healers, we need to heal with our hands or even our words. If we are artists, we need to express ourselves. We need to do whatever it takes to make this world a better place. Seeing the state we are in right now, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Next comes running. At this stage, the baby is sure that his feet will support him. He has walked enough to know that he knows what he is doing. He knows where he needs to go and nothing can stop him from getting there. At this stage, it should be the same with us as well. By now we know our direction, we know our purpose, we are motivated enough to carry our principles and ideas forward and all we can do at this stage is lace up our running shoes tightly and run. Forget who is watching. Forget who is commenting. Forget who is cheering and just run, being sure of what we believe in and what we believe is good for your society. Take initiatives, create opportunities if you don’t find any, be proactive, be preventive, be a visionary and keep running.

And then finally we soar. We soar because all this while we kept moving and gained momentum. We soar because we kept learning, doing, and executing and we are now in a place of more influence that we could have ever imagined. We soar and now we have no limits.

Whatever stage of life you are in at the moment, I hope you are moving or at least decide to start now because if and only if you move can things change. Talking or complaining has not gotten us anywhere.

As a little girl I stood with my hands clenched tightly at my sides singing my school song with fervor:-

“Inspired by glorious past we shall lag behind never. For soaring high is my nature, now and forever!”

Soaring high is my nature and soaring high is in your nature and if we all move now, together and for the benefit of the world we live in, I can only imagine what we can do.

I end with these seemingly lofty thoughts for you to ponder over and also leave with you the words of my favourite TV show that accurately describes our desire for an ideal world and where we are at in that journey:- “We’re almost there and nowhere near it,all that matters is that we are going. “


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