Consilium et animus: Wisdom & Courage – To move on

We all have our specific unique set of baggage that we come with before we enter a new phase in our lives. The baggage may either be light or heavy but more often than not, it is more than heavy and it weighs us down tremendously. Past hurts, wrongs, guilts, shames and the martyr feeling festers within us and the stink that emancipates from us rots us further, hindering our happiness, our purposiveness and eventually our destiny.

We are so intent on holding on to the unfairness of life that we forget that life is to be lived, not analyzed. Why and how something could happen to us are answers we probably will never get until our dying day but are questions that we constantly ask, trying to find some sense in the chaos we call our life. But, from personal experience and external examples, I know for a fact that the constant questioning does not clarify anything and the only healer to the past, is moving on.

Moving on is not easy, I know, but I also know that it is decision, a decision that needs to be taken at a certain point of time to forgive those who wronged you, forgive yourself for your mistakes and naivety or even forgive the universe for putting you through the grind and move on forgetting the sad and hard parts but always remembering the lessons you learnt along the way.

It is a decision that you and me have to take at major crossroads of our lives when we need to decide whether we want to live or let ourselves die inside. Physical death is just one part of the tragedy that affects us humans, the death of a living soul is much more tragic and unfortunately is the reason for many unlived lives. We need to choose between abundance and complete and utter destruction and that is where all our strength to forgive, forget and ultimately live comes into play.

It is up to you. It is up to me. It is up to us.


2 thoughts on “Consilium et animus: Wisdom & Courage – To move on

  1. mymission2016 says:

    To move on is indeed a panacea for all heart aches and heart breaks. So easy yet so difficult! May Almighty give the strength of mind for the suffering lot to move on with cheer and confidence.

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