7 tried and tested ways to fall in love with your job

Wherever you are at the moment and whatever you are doing, it is not a mistake.

So, I am not going to tell you to leave the job you do for the job you wish to do. Nor am I going to tell you that if you don’t love what you do, you need to do something else.  I am going to share with you how to continue doing what you do and to do it with love, passion and energy overflowing from within the core of you.

  1. Find purpose in your job or industry

There is always always always some kind of contribution you are making to people, or the world at large no matter what you do. For one job description, there are different kinds of ways you can see your purpose. If you are writer, you are influencing lives. If you are a graphic designer, you are helping others with their dreams. If you are in construction, you are building the lives of a family. So, if you don’t know the purpose of your job, find your purpose and hold that close to you whenever you work. It will make all the difference and motivate you to start loving what you do.

2. Go beyond your job description

Most people who have progressed in their chosen career or even switched careers to pursue their passions will know that there is an organic way of this happening and that is by going beyond your job description. This is the best way to make things interesting and learn new things at a faster pace. The sooner you get stuck in the rut of what is expected of you, the sooner you will fall into the boring routine of work life and that’s that. Find out what you can do that is not expected of you whether it is learning a new software or supporting another team in their project. The more you go that extra mile, the more it will benefit you and your love for your job will keep on increasing.

3. Put in the extra hours

Sometimes, you might have to put in those extra hours at work and sometimes that is okay. It is often easier to focus after hours or on Saturdays when there are lesser people around. Also, it gives you the time to put in some extra effort in your job and get ahead of yourself. It is the best time to do the work that are important in the long-term but get pushed back due to more urgent important items that crop up during the work day and to do the tasks that you feel would add value to your work. It will make your work more satisfying because you won’t be just fighting fires, you will be building fire-proof structures that will help you and your peers in the future.

4. Immerse yourself in your subject

Remember your first day on the job when you had no idea what you were doing or supposed to do. Well, you will continue to feel that way if you not take the initiative to get to know what you are doing. It is way easier to love your job if you know what you are doing and are constantly striving to know more. You will feel more involved, engaged and energetic when you immerse yourself in all that sweet learning. So, read, research and don’t forget to ask questions.

5. Say yes to opportunities

The extraordinary conductor Zubin Mehta has been known to acknowledge that most of his big breaks have come to him because he said yes to opportunities that came his way. Once, he even went so far as to say yes when asked if he could conduct a particular piece of music and fill in for an absent conductor, even though he had not seen that piece ever in his life. He then proceeded to put his life into learning that piece before the concert. Though I would not always recommend doing that, it is totally worth it to say yes to giving something a try whenever it comes your way. These were meant to be your opportunities, so use them to make your life.

6. Compete with yourself

The best way to make things more interesting is to constantly compete with yourself. Set goals and slay them. Then, set more goals. This can be as small as increasing the speed of the task to making a proposal of improving the efficiency of staff and getting it approved by the top bosses. Life and work will become more exciting if you constantly challenge yourself to be and do better. Work becomes a game, and you always win.

7. Surround yourself with people who also love their jobs

There are always people who make complaining about their job a part of their life and who wait for the weekend to live. Do not become these people. I repeat. Do not become these people. It is definitely easier to join this gang if you spend time with such people either at work or outside. So, stay away but more importantly find people who love their jobs too. These people are happier, more passionate and they will rub off on you. You will also get to share your experiences with each other. They will understand why you do what you do, especially if you have to work harder, longer and smarter and they will build you up rather than tear you down.

Our jobs form a huge percentage of our life. Isn’t it better to enjoy it rather than dread it? I think so.

So, happy working!


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