How rebels without a cause are taking over our world

When I see the hastag  #rebelswithoutacause on my social media platforms I wince internally because even though said in jest, I see this very thing around me-people rebelling without a cause. There are people debating passionately, arguing violently and judging others all based on trivial things that do not really matter. That so much of energy is being put into causes that are not even significant is not only reflecting the pitiable nature of our society but reflects the lack of apparent humanness in people,  hence this outcome.

Isn’t it enough that our country, our beautiful country of India, ranks low in just about any kind of survey that the world takes relating to the economy, quality of life, education, corruption, and the environment, that we need to further poison it and bring it to its knees.

India is ranked 141 out of 163 countries in the ranking of peaceful nations in the world according to the Global Peace Index 2017, ranked 122 out of 155 countries in the World Happiness Report 2017, ranked  136 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index 2017,and ranked 131 out of 188 countries in the Human Development Index.

At this point I do not even need to specify the myriad of frankly useless things my fellow countrymen are fighting about, to the point where the value of another person’s life is considered negligible in comparison to their protests and ‘causes’ they are protesting. Where the common man is struggling under the burden of all the effects of the game that politics and its selfish relatives are playing, the powerful, the greedy, the violent, the angry are seemingly thriving and unfortunately, torching the world we live in.

This time around, there are no external entities dominating us, exploiting us and reducing us to nothing, it is our very own brethren and these rebels without a cause are suffocating us to a point where we can either give in and give up or fight for those saving breaths of air.

I say, we fight!

We have enough causes to fight for, why then are we letting the flimsy ‘causes’ to take up our time, energy and our lives. Why can’t we become rebels with a cause? What more will it take for us to say, ‘that’s enough’? How much longer are we going to allow this to go on? How much is too much?

I leave these questions with you today because you and only you can make a choice today. A choice to fight rather than just sit and take it.  A choice to be active rather than passive. A choice to raise your voice rather than remain silent. But remember,silence is also an action.

More on this in my next video coming up on Sunday, the 18th. Subscribe here.


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