Creating your normal

You are what you surround yourself with. Whatever your environment is, becomes your normal. The music you listen to, the books you read, the nature of the people around you, their behaviour, their way of speaking all becomes your normal and that becomes your life.

Some are privileged with good environments, supportive people around, intellectual conversations and that becomes their normal. But, some of us are not so privileged and then we can either choose to let our surroundings, our background dictate who we are or we can choose to create the environment of our liking., one that would nurture, inspire and satisfy constantly.

I am not a fan of external dictators in whatever shape or form they come in and I do not therefore believe that what I see around me is all get. I know that a lot of what I surround myself with is a choice. I also know that some things are out of my reach and cannot be chosen and I do not live with the distant hope that they will come true.  But, I know that around me, in my situation, wherever I am, I do have choices and I do have good choices to choose from.

I can intentionally choose the kind of music I listen to, the words I let enter my ears or the chatter that I choose to listen to while watching television shows. I can choose the kinds of books I read, because there are many out there with varying benefits. I can choose to tailor my Facebook newsfeed or my Instagram account and choose to be flooded by positivity and daily inspiration by following those who share my mindset.

So surround yourself with good. There is darkness out there, but there is light too and choose as much as the light as you can and create your new normal. It is something that you do have control over, even if you think you don’t.


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