About me

Hi, I’m Rhoda Daniel. A life UNDER CONSTRUCTION is literally a record of my life getting constructed brick by brick, day by day. I share my insights and my experiences and I hope you can connect with them too.

I’m a person with a wide variety of interests and I am sure you will see that as you read this blog. With a degree in Mass Media (specializing in Journalism) and Business Administration, I still continue to pursue learning in addition to my work in the field of media, finance and administration.

I firmly believe that every single person in this world has a specific purpose and if everyone does what they are passionate about, this world would definitely be a much better place. Seeing people live up to their potential is the greatest joy of my life and learning to do so myself is a daily journey that I am determined to undertake and this blog was born of this desire.

A life UNDER CONSTRUCTION is not a work of fiction. It is real. Real emotions. Real lives. Real people.And most of all- the real me. An ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream to make a difference.Somewhere. Somehow. Someday.




5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Gowri Shankar says:

    Like your father, you will become a great person very soon. I see in you a great messiah for the underprivileged younger generation! Best wishes! Gowri Shankar

    • rhodadaniel says:

      Thanks a lot for your wishes. I will indeed try to connect with people of my generation in the hopes that we all learn and grow towards achieving all that we can in this needy world.

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