Me, Myself & I


A detox of sorts

Sitting at home unable to even move due to extreme weakness and body aches and the added cold and fever. Blessing in disguise?  I believe so! A firm believer in whatever happens, happens for a reason, immediately after being notified by the doctor that I had to take 3 more days of complete bed rest … Continue reading A detox of sorts

Sink or Swim?

A tribute to the life of my brother, Jethro Daniel (10th Dec 1995- 19th July 2015).  My brother Jethro. My partner in crime. My telepathy twin. My little baby brother. There is so much that I can say about his life but I want to share with you some thoughts from his life that have most … Continue reading Sink or Swim?

Blast from the past!

We look to the past in times of change. When we feel the ground beneath our feet move slightly, shake scarily and crack and fall to pieces in front of our eyes, we look back. We go through old photos, flip through birthday cards and slam books, re-read old diaries and watch videos filled with … Continue reading Blast from the past!